Why RMtv

RMtv is an international and local producer. We create and produce factual entertainment, lifestyle series, and we share this content with audiences around the world.

In the past  5 years we’ve evolved from a scrappy Canadian startup into a global media company based in Toronto and collaboration projects in over five other countries. But despite our rapid growth, we remain deeply collaborative and passionate about storytelling.

Whether we’re creating for our own channels or partnering with international distributors, telling captivating stories is at the root of everything we do. 

What makes us different

  • Global Perspective

    RMtv offers a truly international experience, with collaborative projects spanning over five countries. Our diverse approach ensures content that resonates with audiences worldwide

  • Proven Evolution

    In just five years, RMtv has evolved from a scrappy Canadian startup into a global media powerhouse based in Toronto. Our rapid growth showcases our adaptability, innovation, and commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry.

  • Lifestyle and Factual Entertainment

    Specializing in factual entertainment and lifestyle series, RMtv brings a unique blend of informative and engaging content to the forefront. We curate experiences that entertain, educate, and leave a lasting impact on our audience.

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